Hotel WiFi Test (start it up) Jan30


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Hotel WiFi Test (start it up)

For most travelers, having super-fast and consistently stable WiFi is a great bonus, but their first priority is ensuring that basic quality expectations for Internet access are met.

A hotel judged as having adequate WiFi must provide an expected download speed of at least 3 Mbps (the Netflix recommendation for SD-quality streaming) and an upload speed of 500 kbps (the Skype recommendation for high-quality non-HD video calling).

In our view, hotel WiFi is a synonym for in-room WiFi; therefore, hotels that offer free WiFi only in public areas are not counted as hotels with free WiFi.

At the very top level is the hotel WiFi in the United States, Asia, and Europe. Other parts of the world don’t have enough tests recorded to be included in this comparison. We chose the United States instead of North America, because the number of tested hotels in the other countries on the continent is negligible compared with the United States, and including them could create the wrong perception for some countries.

In Europe, it is around 30% more likely that a hotel has adequate WiFi than in the United States; but in the United States, it is more likely that a hotel will offer free in-room WiFi.
Asia is at the top when it comes to hotel WiFi quality 50%, but at the bottom for the percentage of hotels offering free in-room WiFi around 60%.

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