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The hope of launching a dream enterprise – BerlinSTARTUP.de

It seems like there’s a new hot startup scene every few years with ambitious entrepreneurs from around the world congregating there in the hopes of launching their dream enterprises. The newest startup scene isn’t in California or a major Chinese city; it’s Berlin’s emerging startup scene that has people talking.

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As you can imagine, the city opened up after the Berlin wall fell in 1989, drawing creatives, artists, and dreamers alike over time. Over the past decade, major technology players and companies are taking their claims.
Consider the perspective of an aspiring entrepreneur. Rather than take inventory of all of the major corporations or small startup companies looking for good people, you may just want to launch your own organisation. The good news is you won’t find a big language barrier. You certainly don’t have to speak German, although that certainly won’t hurt you. People from all over the globe have found their way to Berlin and you’ll have have access to plenty of international personnel for your company. As a huge plus, work visas are relatively easy to obtain.

If smaller businesses are your thing, check out East Berlin, also known as Silicon Allee

A new startup is formed every 20 minutes in Berlin – really an incredible figure, even if we don’t yet know how many of those are successful. Some estimates have over 100,000 jobs being created by the year 2020. Just try to imagine a startup bubble like that in a long-established economy in the United States! To be completely honest, it’s to your benefit if you understand the startup world and have a solid foundation of knowledge. The startup scene is so young that many individuals buzzing around the industry could be all talk and no action. But as you know, that can certainly work toward your favor when it comes to looking for a job.

Worried that Berlin’s new startup scene is too young or not sustainable enough for a successful career? No problem. SoundCloud and Microsoft are two large companies that have recognised Berlin’s influx of talent and interest in technology and have already opened offices in the city. Google, has its main office is in Munich, but a Berlin-based presence is off the ground and running. Interested in other stable firms? If smaller businesses are your thing, check out East Berlin Chausseestrasse, also known as Silicon Allee.

Whether your goal is to head out on your own, join a small startup venture, or sign on to a stable role at a well-established company, Berlin might be the perfect new opportunity. Or, at least, a fresh new step for your career. Although the startup scene is pretty young, you can be sure that the youthful, metropolitan scene can be an incredible chance and platform for the future.