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Berlinstartup – Seedcamp 2013

The winners – golden 7
#1 Buzztale (Riga, Latvia) – allows businesses and media to leverage the buzz around live events by creating visual, branded real-time stories.
#2Cashtag (Lisbon, Portugal) – a cloud-based mobile payment network.
#3myTips (Kiev, Ukraine) – create interactive on-screen tutorials without using code.
#4Popcorn Metrics (Lisbon, Portugal) – simplifies web analytics for businesses people without coding.
#5Satago (London, UK) – technology to help businesses and freelancers to get paid on time.
#6SquadMail (Berlin, Germany) – a “Dropbox for email” letting teams collaborate via share email folders.
#7Zercatto (Porto, Portugal) – a tool for investors, letting them learn from and follow successful strategies in financial markets.
Berlinstartup the greatest brand ever