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Microsoft goes Berlinstartup

Microsoft’s Drink & Resto loaction Under den Linden, Berlin is a colourful café on the ground floor of its new tech centre in Berlin
It has officially opened its doors. The space brings tech and culinary arts together and offers customers the chance to test out Microsoft gadgets while getting a taste of locally-sourced dishes from the kitchen.

The café’s debut marks the completion of the first phase of Microsoft Berlin – a tech hub aimed at promoting dialogue between entrepreneurs, business partners, media and the wider community. It’s part of a wider global startup initiative called Microsoft Ventures, which offers a community evangelism programme, accelerator and seed fund.

Currently, the top two floors of its building on Unter den Linden – reserved for the tech hub’s startup accelerator – are still under construction. The area, expected to open in November, will have a workspace for entrepreneurs, area for events and rooftop terrace.
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