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A’dam startup scene

The Amsterdam Tech Startup Scene.
Vondelpark A'dam

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Lots of app developers and internet entrepreneurs have found a home in the Netherlands, attracted by lower taxes and living costs, and a creative lifestyle that fosters open innovation. One example of genius generated here is Layar, the first app to put augmented reality on the map by merging smartphone cameras with location-based “Amsterdam is a true port city – international, tolerant and adaptable. These qualities, plus liberal tax laws, make it attractive for foreign companies. Aussie software giant Atlassian, for instance, chose Amsterdam as its European operations hub in 2008 because of the city’s convenience and strong tech community. This year it will run AtlasCamp, a developer conference, in the city. Amsterdam may be leagues away from Silicon Valley, but its close proximity to other European countries, liberal tax laws and the city’s overall vibe of tolerance and adaptability make it a natural startup environment. Recently, the city opened its arms to data centers and cloud computing companies like Digital Ocean. It starts with history. Being a small country with a wacky language forces many Dutch entrepreneurs to be fluent in English and look beyond our borders to create business of meaningful size.”