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Ipad gold in Dubai

iPad multitasking should look and e-reader should work better and smoother.

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Even the entire user experience from Apple and iOS is not good enough.

Multitasking has remained an area that leaves us wanting. But a new jailbreak tweak that brings all the brilliance of OS X multitasking may be just the ticket.

After jailbreaking your iPad and installing the “OS Experience” tweak from Cydia, you’ll be able to run two apps simultaneously on the same screen, side by side, as well as moving apps between various desktops by simply dragging them around.

And this isn’t a messy UX, either. The tweak even allows you to snap application windows to the edges of the screen.

You can swipe between desktops and applications with four fingers in either direction after initiating “Mission Control” mode with a four-finger swipe upward. Swiping four fingers downward from within an app lets you drag it around, move it to another desktop….
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