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Berlin Startup Moped 2.0

Moped 2.0 – Messaging for people who work together

Today we’re launching Moped 2.0, introducing a total redesign of our web app, support for LinkedIn and Google contacts and smarter email integration.

We’ve applied our beta learnings to make a faster, simpler and more convenient messaging experience, no matter where you are, or whom* you need to reach.

First off, we want you to use Moped to communicate with your entire network, even including those without Moped. We’re crafted a new, beautifully simple compose area, which allows you send email messages directly from Moped, so you can do just that.

We’ve also completely redesigned how conversations look and feel in Moped, removing unnecessary labels, so you can focus better on what’s being said and shared.

Moped is different than IM, and other desktop chat apps you have used in the past. Unlike other messengers, all your messages and contacts stay sync’d across multiple devices, all the time, automatically.

And, when you’re offline, Moped delivers your messages to you via email, so you never miss anything. You can reply to the message by just replying to the email, without needing to log back into Moped.

We’ve built Moped for pro users in mind. So, you can share files with our best-in-class Dropbox integration. You can drag and drop files to upload, or just click the Attach file icon. It’s slick and easy.

With business users in mind, Moped lets you create groups on-the-fly, as you need. They’re as easy to remove as they are to set up.

We’re now letting you expand your reach by connecting more networks to Moped. Moped now scans LinkedIn and Google contacts, to find people you know inside Moped already. It’s never been easier to build a contact list, that stays updated all the time, automatically.

In the next weeks, we’ll be rolling out updates and enhancements, along with a desktop client for Mac users. If you’ve been a way from Moped, we invite you back. IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement. You just need to write a Recipe with a Trigger and an Action, such as:

IF “I check in on Foursquare”, IF “a specific Instagram user uploads a new photo”, IF “it doesn’t rain in London”
THEN “send me a Moped message” or “send me a notification”. E.g. https://ifttt.com/recipes/65941
This way, you can get notified when your stock options reach a certain
value, when the weather is getting nice in Berlin, if Facebook pages you like are updated, etc.

You can get a Sunscreen alert, alert someone that you’ve added a new file to a public Dropbox folder, turn Moped into a stream of package tracking updates, send daily Dilbert comic strips to yourself, and so much more!

Here are some of our favourite Moped recipes: http://bit.ly/QFEZJn : )

We hope you’ll enjoy those as much as we do.